settling-in-your-new-homeTime To Get On With The Chores Of Living

Once you have completed closing and moved into your new abode you are going to feel great. After all of the stress and uncertainties of buying and moving there is bound to be some mixed feelings that drifts, a sort of anticlimax after all of the excitement.

Now that you are in the door it is the time to get going on all of the things that get you properly settled including some physical work and some networking and connecting.

Time To Get Physical

Get ready to start cleaning. When you sit down and look closely you will most likely realize that the real estate term of broom clean is not the same as spotless. Once you move in you will start with a thorough spring-cleaning. It is also time to paint and to change the carpets.

There will be some chores of a more practical concern. You should change all of the locks and security codes. In spite of the best intentions of the previous owners, you really do not know who has a key copy or the alarm code.

So, maybe the HVAC passed the inspection but now is the time to get it serviced, along with the other major appliances that came with the purchase.

Follow up on the paperwork. Contact your county records and confirm your deed has been recorded correctly. Get the utilities transferred into your name and make sure that you have all of the right insurance for fire, liability and theft.

Stay In Touch With Your Realtor

Your realtor can be a great source of referrals and knowledge about what to do when things break down. Another thing they can help with is any sudden surge of lingering doubt and possibly even buyer’s remorse.

The remedy is to keep looking forward with projects to complete. You might even choose to go to a few open houses in the neighborhood to help you connect to the new community around you. Your realtor can advise you on this and tell you where the next open houses will be.

Your realtor wants to keep in touch with you and that’s a good thing. Building a long-term relationship not only helps their career it makes it easier when it is time for you to sell. You have an agent who is familiar and can create an insightful market analysis for the property.

An experienced realtor has a long list of contacts in a wide range of professions and trades and you have them at your favor to do it. Professional realtors are naturally gregarious and continuously collect networks of contacts the way some people collect fine china. They can be a fantastic resource to you because you are now in that network. It can even work to promote your own career objectives or business.

Rejoice And Get Settled

It is certainly time to rejoice and to celebrate your new venture in homeownership. Following up on all of the chores and paperwork is just part of the process. Taking care of all of these details is the proactive way to getting settled into your new home.