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Seeking a Buyer for 23870 Outrigger Dr, Canyon Lake, CA 92587

MOVE IN READY! 3 Bedroom 2 Bathoom PLUS office family home located in the Gated Golf & Lake Community of Canyon Lake. This perfect gem has a Quiet location close to the parks. Beautiful Open Floor Plan with Tile throughout the entry, hallways, and kitchen and carpet in the bedrooms. Enjoy the remodeled kitchen with […]

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Mortgage Basics: Hybrid ARM (Fixed-Period ARM)

Mortgage terminology is often confusing to people and the hybrid ARM, or fixed period ARM (adjustable rate mortgage,) is a good example. In fact, it would be fair to say that most people do not understand many of the terms used by mortgage lenders, and tend to blanche when the term ‘hybrid’ is used in […]

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Mortgage Questions: Mortgage Terminology Explained

The mortgage questions we are asked are often based upon mortgage terminology. We shall start with some that relate to simple terms that are often misunderstood, and then progress to those that can really be confusing. Mortgage Questions:  What is Pre-approval? When you are looking for a new home, it makes sense to know how […]

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Mortgage Basics: Prepaid Interest and Escrow Accounts

Many find it difficult to understand the concept of ‘escrow’ in general. We shall try to make that clearer here. First, however, the question of prepaid interest. Mortgage Questions: What is Prepaid Interest? In mortgage terminology, prepaid interest relates to an advance payment made to cover the interest due for the remaining days of the […]

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Home Inspections: Reasons for Attending a Home Inspection

Home inspections are important to home buyers, and it is worthwhile for you to attend a home inspection when buying a home. It’s also important that you understand the difference between a home appraisal and an inspection. Here is a brief explanation of that difference: Home Appraisal The appraisal is carried out by an appraiser […]

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Mortgage Term Options: 15 or 30 Year Mortgage?

Of the two mortgage term options, is the 15 or 30 year mortgage period better? These are the two common periods over which people choose to pay their mortgages in, so what is the difference? Obviously, the longer you take to pay, the less your monthly repayments will be, but what are the pros and […]

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Interest only Mortgages and Deferred Interest Loans

Interest only mortgages and deferred interest loans are options to the normal way of paying mortgages and loans.  They can be a powerful loan option when appropriate for your specific scenario. Here is a brief explanation of each. Interest Only Mortgages and Loans Interest only mortgages and loans enable you to pay only the interest […]

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Storm Cleanup Tips: Cleaning Your Home After a Storm

The following storm cleanup tips are not only about cleaning your home after a storm for cosmetic reasons, but also making sure that there is no long-term damage such as rot or other forms of fungal damage. A storm can cause a lot more damage to the infrastructure of your home than might be immediately […]

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How Mortgage Rates Are Affected by Mortgage Backed Securities

Mortgage rates are affected by mortgage backed securities, usually when the money supply significantly increases or reduces. It is important to distinguish between mortgage rates and the Federal Reserve interest rate, also known as the Discount Rate.  While the two tend to go hand in hand over the longer term, short-term variations can occur. We […]

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Three Tips to Help Reduce Credit Card Debt

Many find it difficult to reduce credit card debt yet it need not be. When used properly, credit cards can be an extremely useful service, but never forget that this is a business, not a free service. Credit card companies rely on the interest you pay in addition to the charges applied to those that […]

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