real-estate-basicsA Few Outstanding Features

The importance of a neighborhood for homebuyers is that, when you are house hunting, you need to keep the big picture in mind. You are looking not just for today but for the value of the home should you wish to sell it at some point in the future.

When you look at a neighborhood for your future home you are thinking about the context and the relationship that you are going to have with the community as a whole. So, there are a few factors that will be important to think about and also do a little research on before you commit to a home and the community in which it sits.

Everyone has different needs in the amenities of a neighborhood and each location will have a selection of features that will appeal to some and not to others and that will have an impact on the value of properties. So, for example, while you might not have young children yourself you want to consider proximity to local elementary schools.

Taxes: Mello Roos Fees

Some counties across the country have higher bond obligations and depend on proper taxes more than others. This can lead to wide variations in your assessment if there is some sort of millage or tax to recoup the cost of a local bond issue. The notorious California Mello Roos taxes are an example of the burden you might end up carrying. So make certain that you find out what sorts of taxes you will have piled on top of the basic local tax load.

Schools Need The Right Distance

You may have a need for the use of public or private schools in the near future or you may not. Regardless, you should take the local schools into careful consideration when you are looking at neighborhoods for your prospective next home.

Other amenities such as shopping and public transportation might be important to you individually. The convenience of accessibility is always a factor in choosing your home. The flip-side to that is if a major freeway runs near by the convenience might be outweighed by the noise volume of the cars and trucks speeding past at all hours of the day.

Crime Statistics

Look at the crime statistics for the neighborhood. These are a matter of public record and so they should be easy enough to access, either through the county records office or through one of the large national real estate websites.

Sources Of Noise And Disruption

Some of the most scenic and pleasant locations can have surprising noise sources such as airports and railway tracks nearby. If the local air force base starts up and moves out a fleet of cargo plans at “oh dark thirty” in the morning on regular occasions you really want to know about it.

Likewise if there is a railroad line track near the property you don’t want to awake a three AM as they sound the horn for the local road crossing. Even if that is the only fault in a location it can be absolutely a deal breaker if you intend to be asleep as it happens.

Invest In Your Neighborhood Choice

Schools, crime levels accessibility must be balanced against nuisance features such as noise. It is the key feature of real estate that every property location is different so take your time to compare each potential new home location measures up for  better or worse.