Moving Day PreparationLike other days such as weddings and graduations, moving day is not just a date on the calendar. And like those other days, how it turns out will depend very much on the preparation that you put in beforehand. You will need to have everything ready for the movers, plans for children and pets and paperwork all set to go before the day arrives. It is going to be a tiring stressful day regardless; you need to do everything you can to get off to a good start.

Get Organized And Create Checklists

Be ready to drop into bed exhausted when it’s done have a go bag or a box of things that you will most likely need immediately, such as bedding, towels or coffee maker. When get to your new home you will most likely be too tired to do anything more than the minimum to bed down for the night. Another thing to have is a folder with all of your paperwork associated with the move.

Checklists make a wonderful tool for keeping everything you need together. There are many things that need to happen and you cannot expect to remember them on the day. Your checklist should be the top item in your moving day folder. Take time to compose this list, starting as far in advanced as possible. There will be the standard items

Working With Movers On Moving Day

When the moving team arrives on moving day it will be a big help if everything is boxed up, labelled and ready to go. Make sure that your to-go boxes are either going in first or are going with you separately.

The movers may be perfectly competent to move everything themselves but there will always be last minute questions. You will need to do some last minute cleaning up. The only way to have peace of mind on the day is to be the last one out of the house. You don’t want misunderstandings or carelessness to undermine your efforts on such a final event as moving day.

Once you have everything packed up take your checklist and work your way through your old home and check off each room as you visually confirm that it has been completely cleared. Make sure that you have looked in all drawers, cabinets and closets.

Closing Down The House

Finally, be the last person out of the house after the movers. This may be a bittersweet moment as you are leaving behind a part of your life. The feeling may sneak up on you if you have been entirely focused on all of the preparations to make it happen. Before you know it you will be in your new home and all the hassles of moving day will be behind you.

When you have taken the time to carefully plan your move you will have the least amount of upset and stress possible. That does not mean that it is guaranteed to go flawlessly but when you are prepared you will be better able to take the events on moving day in your stride.