Driveway GatesUsing automatic driveway gates at the entrance to your property and automated garage doors can significantly improve the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers. They can also improve your equity, and even attract a price higher than normal if you are lucky.

People like the idea of automatic driveway gates that can be opened from your car, either using a remote control handset or a button on the dash.  There are few better ways to spend money staging your home than this. You don’t need a massively long winding driveway, just a gate to enter your property that can be electrically operated to swing them open or slide them to one side.

Automatic Driveway Gates: Sliding and Swing Gates

Sliding and swing gates are both popular for driveways, and if your entrance is particularly wide, you can use double gates, each operated by its own electric motor. If your drive is set on a slope, swing gates might be difficult to open. In this case a sliding gate would be appropriate.  Such gates can either run on a rail across the width of the opening, or operate using a cantilever system, where the gate can be balanced on a rail set to the side of the entrance.

You can purchase automatic driveway gates made from cast iron or aluminum. Cast iron can be heavy, which is why aluminum gates are popular due to their relatively low weight. They can be operated by smaller motors which are therefore cheaper.

Aluminum can be used in its natural color, or powder coated to any color you prefer.  It is a very durable metal, and the entire system offers a high degree of security to your home. You can keep out stray dogs and other animals, and prevent others from using your drive as a car park.

Automatic Garage Doors

If you also have automatic garage doors, either rising or swing doors, these too can be fitted with remote controlled electric motors. How good a sales pitch would it be to inform potential buyers that they can enter the driveway and park their car in the garage without leaving the vehicle – all by remote control!

This is particularly useful if your gate is close to a busy road.  It can be a nuisance stopping your car to get out to unlock the gate. Simply press a button and it opens as you approach it. The gate closes behind you and your garage door opens up automatically to let you park.

If you are selling your home shortly, or even if not and would love this level of luxury for yourself, automatic driveway gates will improve your equity by considerably more than their cost. They are a good investment, fun to use and make selling your home easy.