Home Shutter BasicsWindow shutters can dramatically change the appearance of your home without having you fork out some serious cash on a large remodeling project. Selecting the perfect shutters has the potential to enhance the overall charm of your home, while the wrong ones could affect its overall appeal. Here are a few tips on choosing the best window shutters for your home.

Make Sure Your Shutter Matches The Style Of Your Home

Take note that shutters for an arts and crafts home might not be right for a Victorian style home. Check out the homes in your neighborhood to determine the best shutters for your home, and choose those that do not affect its architectural style. Some of the common choices in shutters are board and batten, louvered solid panel and raised panel and Bermuda.

Size Your Shutters Appropriately

Your windows shutters should be sized to cover the windows when closed and appear as though they can be used even though they do not open. In addition, the shutters should fit perfectly to the windows, meaning that the rails should line up with muntin, lock rail, transom or other architectural features of the windows. There are many instances where shutters are installed upside down, which could be a result of an unprofessional reinstall after maintenance or painting.

Select The Right Materials

When shopping for window shutters, you will be spoiled for choice; window shutters can be made of several different types of wood including African mahogany, cypress and cedar, Pultruded Fiberglass, PVC or composite materials. These decorative fixtures can help you achieve an authentic look, while multiple coats of paint can provide old window shutters with a unique character.

Shutter Colors

When choosing shutter colors, first determine if the appearance of your home is more contemporary or traditional. If you have a traditional-style home, your best bet is to choose black or classic white shutters. But if you have a modern home, vibrant blue, bright red or other bolder hues are a great choice. Unless you’re planning on making some significant improvements to the exterior of your home, you will want your window shutters to blend perfectly with your existing paint, rock siding or brick.

Next, consider the colors of your window trim and choose a shutter color that compliments the trim and not one that matches it. Take a look at the homes in your neighborhood and choose a color that is consistent in your area especially if you may be selling your home in the future. Pick out a few shutter colors and head to the paint store along with a few photos of the exterior of your property. This will make it easier to find the paint chips that match your selected colors.

Most home color schemes consists of two or more colors, which means that you might have to match the color of the windows, the front door while choosing a different color for the trim.