What You Can Learn From Visiting Open HousesBeing Seen Creates Possibility

Selling a home requires a bit of marketing and inspired action and that is what you get from the best realtors who specialize as sellers’ agents. One of the best things that a seller can do, and the most dramatic, is to stage the property creatively and then to promote it with open house events.

It is true that there could be a flow of people who appear to have nothing better to do than view an open house, even though they have no intention of purchasing a new home. That may seem like an annoyance and a complete waste of time but it is not. An effective open house is as much about the buzz that you get in the event as is it is about getting the ready buyers in through the door.

Bring In The Crowds

The point is to bring in the potential buyers and to create a positive association with energy in return for information; get the buzz going and get an understanding of the market sentiment towards your property at the price you are asking.

An experienced realtor will know exactly what to do to put your home in the best light and then bring in the crowds. Getting the staging right is crucial to setting the mood. Staging your home can and should be simple; you stage the exterior to create an inviting appeal and the interior for subtly stylish comfort.

Welcome The Looky-Loos With Open Arms

The thing about people who appear to not be buyers is that looks can be deceiving. It may be that they put up a front of non-buying as a defense. They may be genuinely thinking that they are not buying but people deceive themselves and they do sometimes change their minds. They also have friends and relatives who might actually be in the market and who would listen about their experience at your open house.

If they happen to mention that they saw your home and they talk about the experience with rave reviews it’s as strong a recommendation as you can expect! If you are planning to sell your home you really should get out and visit some open house events first yourself. Perhaps that is what some of those people who wander through your event are trying to do too, you just never know.

Marketing Is Always About Experience

When you stage your home and open it to all comers you are creating an experience for them, whether you intend it consciously or not. When you create a positive experience you allow for the possibility of positive things to happen. The most important for you is that you find a buyer who agrees to the terms you most desire and who is eager to close as fast as possible. If this doesn’t happen then you want to have alternatives that arise from the experience people have at your event.

So really, you should accept that all kinds of people who turn up to your event and then appear to not be interested or reluctant to talk. It is all part of the process of selling your home and it is up to you to make your open house event as memorable and exciting an experience as possible.