Interior Decoration BasicsHave you ever wondered what makes a room more appealing and beautiful? Is it original artwork or an abundance of light? Or is it expensive furniture and curtains? The answer is none of the above, but there is one single magical formula that can define the beauty of a room.

Even a professional interior designer has to start from the basics and work his/her way up to creating the perfect ambience. The key to a beautiful living space is not about spending truckloads of money on lavish furniture, but ensuring everything in the space works hand in hand. That said, here are a few tips to creating the perfect space, from where to begin to what to avoid.

Make Sure The Corners Are Soft

Tables, rugs, chairs, photo frames and other such things in a home generally have 90-degree angles. And one of the ways according to experts to make the room visually appealing is to mix in things with rounded edges to avoid an elevation of sharp corners in the room. For example, if you have a rectangular coffee table, throw in a round rug to enhance the décor.

Don’t Splurge If You Can’t Afford To

For those on a budget, it is especially important not to rush in to things when shopping for home décor. Although, it may be tempting to complete an entire home all at once, it is important to take it from room to room. The big question when shopping for interior decor is how to know if something is a perfect fit. Well, the two questions to ask yourself are does it make you happy and is it practical and functional as it was designed to be?

Avoid Buying Sets

Although buying sets of furniture is extremely tempting, avoid doing it. Instead, look for organic and blended pieces of furniture and other things that work together. Although, all the furniture in your home should match up in some way or the other with other furniture, it shouldn’t be exactly the same.

Don’t Go Overboard With The Theme

There are several homeowners who prefer a certain look and feel for a specific room, but tend to go overboard with the theme. Although it’s great to have a nautical design in a room, but things start to look strange when you bring in porthole mirrors and rope knot pillows.

Choose White Wisely

If you’re going to use white, you have to use the perfect shade of white considering that there literally millions of shades of white available. But how do you determine the perfect white for your living space? There are several ways to do this, but the best way is to simply paint a small board with the shade of white you prefer, and then move it around from room to room and see if it matches up.

Don’t Ruin The Architecture

It’s great if you have amazing moldings, but painting the walls a contrasting color in an effort to highlight the frames around the doors and windows is another. But in the end what you do with your home is entirely up to you.