Home Staging BasicsWhen you stage a home you are making it more attractive for sale. Silk flowers, reed diffusers and scented candles can make a significant difference to the look and ambiance of any home, particularly if used correctly.  Here are some tips on how to stage a home for maximum effect.

Make First Impressions Count

First impressions count, or so the saying goes, and you should make sure that they count with your home. You are doing your best to get it sold, sure, but you also want a good price. There is a lot you can do when staging a home, such as tidying up your backyard and front garden. You can paint the external woodwork, and give the patio a makeover with a power washer.

How about inside your home?  How do you make first impressions count inside your home? Yes, sparkling clean mirrors help to make your rooms look larger, and bright colors also give an impression of spaciousness. However, does it look lived in, or is it just a show house? Can visitors smell the burger you had last night with that lingering smell of fried onions?

Many people spend a great deal of time on the visuals, but what about the feel of their home.  How about the way it smells and its overall attractiveness. For some reason human beings are attracted by color, smell and fire.  The attraction most people have to a genuine log fire is the smell, sound and appearance of crackling logs. You can make use of that with a log fire burning in your hearth when potential buyers visit to check over your property.

Failing that how about some beautiful floral arrangements.  Flowers are always pleasing to the eye when staging a home. You can replace the burning logs with candles – yes, candles have a similar psychological effect to any other type of flame. You can improve the way your home smells using reed diffusers – they not only look exotic but smell exotic. Let’s look at each separately.

How to Stage a Home With Silk Flowers

Real flowers are not always better than artificial because the petals fall off or die, and they lose their fragrance. Today’s silk flowers are frequently indistinguishable from the real thing visually. You have to feel them to spot the difference. Even the fragrance can be the same by judicial use of a floral spray. There are silk varieties of just about any flower available from your local florist – and then more.

You can purchase beautiful silk flower arrangements that are ideal for staging a home. They look fabulous all year round, so you have no problems selling your home in mid-winter.  A slight spray of water mist makes them look even more authentic. You can purchase beautiful silk floral arrangements or large potted plants for your conservatory. Small silk trees for your patio or round your pool also look good.

Staging a Home Using Candles

Candles are available in an unlimited selection of colors, designs and sizes. You can select them to suit your home décor, either to match your furnishings or main color schemes or in bright primary colors as accent pieces. The objective is to make your home appear inviting and comfortable to live in. candles were designed to be lit, so don’t fill your hall and living room with unlit candles. Light them, and persuade viewers that they must have this house.

Reed Diffusers make a Difference

In fact reed diffusers make a big difference when you stage a home. They look exotic and oriental, and offer a more diffuse ad natural fragrance than a scented candle does. That’s because you smell the natural aroma of essential oils evaporating from the pores of the reeds. There is no underlying smell of burning wax as you get with scented candles.

Staging a home is a skill, and the most skillful gets the best price. Use floral beauty, a flickering flame and exotic fragrances to stage a home and persuade visitors that your home should be their home. Even your friends and relatives will wish it was theirs! If your home looks good and smells good, it is difficult for somebody not to love it.