moving-with-childrenChange Happens

There are times when the decision to move is forced upon you and, given the choice, you would stay put. These can be especially painful when you have been particularly comfortable and settled in that beloved residence.

But life is a constant process of change and, at the point of moving all you can really do is to gather the things that can be held and look to the future in your upcoming home with the best of the past held in memory.

Take Some Artifacts And Souvenirs Of Your Time

When you cannot take it with you grab a piece to take with you. It is surprising how soothing a memento of a love that was lost can be. Whether it is the doorknocker or a tile perhaps.

Of course, do not take anything that is expected to remain as it could cause unpleasantness with your buyers. Have your agent advise what is fair game and perhaps even include it in the negotiation if you can.

Take Lots Of Pictures

Take memories in photo form take as many pictures as you can to capture the character and feel of the home, so you can remember it as the abode that you loved. If you have prepared it for sale it will likely be as well groomed and charming as you can possibly make it; that is the perfect look for the contents of a special photo album.

Take advantage of this condition to record all that you wish to remember. This can be expanded upon by recording video, particularly if you have some sort of event such as a dinner party to commemorate your transition.

Continue The Bonds

Hold on to those neighbors and friends. If you have been settled long enough and comfortably enough to develop friendships with your neighbors now is the time to extend the relationship.

If you have not been a fan of social media sites it might be a good time to reconsider. By moving the friendships online they will stick with you regardless of where in the world you go.

Hold A Going Away Party

Invite all of your friends and neighbors, either for a dinner party or a bash that gives you a platform to toast your move and your new adventure in moving. This is another opportunity to take pictures, make memories and tighten the bonds of friendship.

Personal Rituals

Moving can be such a hectic process. Take time at the end to take in what is happening. Do not get so wrapped up in making it happen that you suddenly find that you never really said goodbye.

The way to avert this situation is to take time at the end to have a short ritual of saying goodbye to your home. When all rooms have been cleared stop and take a deep breath, step into each room and say goodbye to each in turn.

Life changes and we may have to move on from a comfortable and beloved home. The best course is to accept the situation and move ahead with the best of the past held within our hearts.