Home Selling TipsLine Them Up And Knock Them Down

Ever heard the expression “Get your ducks in a line”? As corny as it sounds it is a great principle to follow when you are preparing to sell a property. Whether you are making a move because of work, moving up to house a growing family, downsizing because of an empty nest or determined to become the local real estate mogul, you need to have a network of professionals and contractors on call to make the transaction go quickly and smoothly.

If you have a buyer who wants to close quickly it can be very enticing. You want the cash price or generous terms that they offer so it is all too easy to fall into a trap of ceding control in the process and putting yourself in a weak negotiating position. That would leave you open to any number of crafty negotiation maneuvers.

When you have a network of all the people who will facilitate closing you help to bring back negotiating power in your favor. So here is a quick run down of some of the most helpful people you can work with to sell that home.

Some Great Members For Your Team

Realtor – You are going to need a good realtor to list and sell your property. This may be the same one who acted as your buyer’s agent when you bought the home in the first place or it might be someone in his or her network. It really comes down to finding a realtor in whom you are confident and with whom you can have a great working relationship.

Real Estate Broker – The broker is always there in the background because they provide the realtor’s network and MLS. It helps if they are someone with whom you can communicate and trust. It helps them if they also act as the listing agent.

Escrow Company – It is normally the seller’s choice as to which company handles the escrow.

Pest Inspector and Building inspector – These are not strictly necessary on the seller’s side as the buyer will be sending their own in when the decide to buy. However, you don’t want to get caught with defects that kill an otherwise great deal. Don’t let issues that could easily be handled before the buyer even sets foot in the property blow the deal for you. Send in the inspectors to save time and effort later.

Attorney – Having a real estate attorney watching from on high will do wonders to make everyone in the process behave. Having an attorney review documents will ensure that all is above board and truly in your best interest.

Photographer or Videographer – There’s nothing like the unfair advantage of having the best pictures and video to catch the eye of the premium buyer. The cost of these services is not so much for the few minutes they spend but the years of training that go into the refined picture composition that really stands out on websites and in printed media. Pictures and video are an investment that sells houses. You can even have a drone fly over and do a spectacular video flyby, which will stand out in even the fanciest high-end real estate markets.

Staging Company – Finally, if there is no furniture in the house, hire a staging company to bring in some furnishings and features that look good. Alternative exchange your shabby old interior for one that will create the ambiance to build the desire to live in your property for the future owners. Get some curb appeal and push it all the way into your home to create a dramatic affect.