Kitchen Remodeling TipsWhen it comes to freshening up your kitchen on a budget a little creative thinking, some paint and not much more, are all you need to make a big difference. A dark wood style set of cabinets is pretty standard in the American home. You can lighten up a dingy kitchen just by removing and renovating the cabinet doors and then returning them refreshed.

A lick of paint and some small-scale details will make the style of a house built twenty to thirty or more years ago come back to life. If your kitchen is not a disaster and your appliances are fully functional, why should you spend tens of thousands of dollars starting again from scratch?

Removing And Re Hanging Cabinet Doors Is Not Construction

The doors will need to be cleaned and sanded and prepared for paint a little elbow grease goes a long way to saving the cost of new cabinets. There are numerous techniques that will help make your old stuffy doors into original creations.

Application of paint with a spray gun will give a smooth glossy finish, assuming your starting material is smooth also. If you use sponge rollers or brushes you will get other effects again. The addition of molding before painting lets you change the style in any way that you can imagine. Anything from old country shaker to the most baroque design is yours for the choosing.

The Art Of Kitchen Appliance Applications

Another trick is to add the same detailing and molding to panels that you attach to your existing appliances. By paneling your under-the-counter appliances such as your dishwasher to match the style of your cabinetry you create an undisrupted finish and a big improvement. Likewise, concealing the front of your refrigerator can improve the look and provide an element of fun. Try using matching beading and details but including a white board as part of the center panel.

If you can find some inexpensive fittings such as updated drawer handles and doorknobs that match your style you will have a small thing that really tips your kitchen cabinets over to become a feature for your home.

Whether For Living Or Sale This Update Makes Good Sense

A key to this the entire process is to take great care to get the color right before you commit. When it comes to walls you can more easily repaint if you decide that the color is wrong but with kitchen cabinets the extra labor involved means you want to be certain to get it right the first time around.

For DIY kitchen redecorators who are seeking to prepare for a sale at the best market price there could be a reward in the form of an easier sale. It is unlikely that such projects can impact your realtor’s market analysis or the value declared by the appraiser. However, it might be a selling point, one that helps buyers consider your house or condominium as a home, and that might give them just a little more motivation to buy.