Moving Day TipsYou are moving home and moving day has arrived. You’ve hired the mover, changed your address with the postal services and subscriptions, got your moving insurance sorted and the packing has gone smoothly. What can possibly go wrong!

Here are some tips to make sure that your plans are not derailed, and that moving home runs as smoothly as you could have hoped for.

1. Make Space for the Mover

Make sure that the mover’s truck has plenty room to park close to your front door, and that the movers are not obstructed when carrying heavy items. Inform your neighbors so they leave as much space as possible.

If you live in a city apartment, contact the local authorities and find out about permits for reserved parking on moving day. Most will offer a means of facilitating your move, but if not then you could park your cars there or even ask your neighbors to park in the relevant space and then move when the truck turns up.

Don’t forget your new home – the mover will also need parking space here, so the arrangements made for your old home should also be applied to the new. It often pays to meet the new neighbors before your move, so that they will be more amenable to helping you out with the parking space needed.

2. Be Present

It is important that you are present while your belongings are packed into the truck, and also when they arrive at your new home. You never know when a problem might arise, and you will want to carry out a final check before you leave your old home for the last time.

Are all the lights switched off, electricity and gas shut off and windows properly closed and locked? It is not unknown for your back or front doors to be left open, or unlocked once the last item of furniture and the last box has been packed. You should be there to give yourself peace of mind.

3. Have a Last look Round

Check every closet, cupboard and shelf, and don’t forget the garden, backyard or shed. The attic is another area of your home where people tend to leave things behind. If you have a partner, the deal situation is to have your partner waiting at your new home for the mover to arrive, while you remain at the old home to check everything is OK and clean up after the mover has gone.

4. Children and Pets

It is best for the kids to be with a friend or relative while moving home. Alternatively, they could be with your partner on moving day, waiting in their new home for their belongings to arrive. It’s a good idea to let them help unpack their own stuff for their room. They are more likely to enjoy moving to their new home if they are permitted to carry small items and generally be involved.

Pets are another thing entirely, and a move can be very stressful for pets that are being taken away from their normal environment. New smells, other creatures and even the territorial marking of their new home by other cats and dogs! You might consider boarding them until you have your furniture set up again – this will help them to feel more secure.

5. Clean Up

Finally, be prepared to give your old home a final clean up. Don’t send off all your brooms and cleaning materials to your new home! Moving day is stressful enough, and knowing you have left a tidy clean house behind you will make moving home just that little bit less stressful.