Mortgage Wrap Up for 5-11-12Mortgage rates improved moderately today, marking a week that has once again brought mortgage rates to new all time historic lows.

News regarding the JP Morgan trading loss of $2 billion dollars has helped rates improve a bit today. Europe has also played a role throughout the week in pushing mortgage rates down as we learn more and more about the issues occurring there. Bad news in Europe is good for mortgage rates in the United States.

All Time Historic Mortgage Rates: Should I Lock?

Right now is a great time to lock in a near historic low mortgage rate. We can not only help you lock in a historically low mortgage rate for your refinance or home purchase, we can also help answer any mortgage questions you might have.

We can also help you understand what loan programs exist and which program makes the most sense for your needs with customized mortgage strategy.

Mortgage Rates: The Week Ahead

There is a slew of economic data coming out next week that have the power to move mortgage rates. The following reports  that are being released next week will give market watchers more insight into the health of the US economy and have the power to move the markets: Consumer Price Index, FOMC Minutes, Jobless Claims and Housing Starts.