New Mortgage Rate LowsThe first half of this week has seen mortgage rates hit new all time historical lows, yet again. The last few months have seen deteriorating conditions in the US Economic and European Outlooks create unprecedented downward on mortgage rates, resulting in this historic move downward.

Where Are Mortgage Rates Now?

Mortgage rates can change many times per day as new data and news is released regarding the health of the US and World economies.

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All Time Historic Lows: Should I Lock My Mortgage Rate Now?

Right now is a great time to lock in a historically low mortgage rate. We can not only help you lock in a a low mortgage rate for your refinance or home purchase, we can also help answer any mortgage questions you might have.

We can also help you understand what loan programs exist and which program makes the most sense for your needs with customized mortgage strategy. It is important that you have any questions you have answered as you prepare to refinance your existing loan(s) or purchase a new home and we can help make sure you make informed decisions.