selling-home-mistakesHome prices are again on the rise, with reports of an eight percent hike, nationally. The homes that were affected by the housing downturn are now worth significantly more than the amount owed on them. This is excellent news for homeowners looking to sell their homes, but just because it is a seller’s market, don’t be careless and overconfident with your own property. Here are a few more home selling mistakes to avoid:

Selling Your House On Your Own

Trying to take on the home selling process or for sale by owner is craziness. Many homeowners are tempted to take this route for several reasons, but mainly to save on the commission. But apart from saving on agent commission fees, you need to know how to sell a home and the expertise of a professional real estate agent. Can you provide valuable neighborhood advice? Scour through tons of paperwork? Negotiate on your behalf? If you answered no to any of the above questions, then for sale by owner is not your cup of tea.

Using Bad Quality Photos

Fact is that more than 85% of home seekers begin their home search online, and if you have lousy photos to showcase your home, this can definitely be detrimental to the sale of your home. The key is to showcase your home on its best day, and not have your real estate agent take a few photos with their mobile camera to use in your online listings. Photos are an integral part of your online listing so consider taking photos when your home is clutter free, and when there’s enough light shining through.

Mispricing Your Home

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when listing your home for sale is overpricing it. Even though the market may be hot, overpricing your home will result in a stale listing that sits in the market for weeks, maybe months. It is best to know your competition and set the right price, and avoid overpricing it in the hopes that it will eventually sell.

Avoiding Or Refusing To Make Repairs Before The Sale

This one is plain and simple. If you don’t take care of minor repairs to your home, you will lose money. Showing your home when there are faucet leaks, an irreparable water heater or water stains on the ceiling will definitely turn off potential home buyers.

Keeping All Your Junk And Clutter

If you think buyers are just going to overlook your cookie jars and stacks of boxes, then think again. Fact is that clutter makes your home seem smaller so it is best to de-clutter much before you list your home for sale.

Neglecting The Backyard

It’s a proven fact that the front curb appeal can dramatically change the look of the exterior of a home, but what about the backyard? Your backyard is not just for storing bikes or rusty old barbeques, but should be given equal attention as the front of the home. You may neglect your backyard by letting it go, but for some homebuyers it might just be the most important part of the house.