Moving Day TipsPreparation And Planning Make Your Move Easier

Children add an extra level of complexity when you are moving house. Of course it depends on the child and the way that the experience pans out for them. Sometimes children are more attached to a home while others will relish the adventure. Part of that is how you manage the experience for them and help them to process and accept the upcoming move.

Even will the greatest amount of fore planning and careful communication there are likely to be upsets and tears at some point in the move as your child feels loss and uncertainty as well as the stress of a rapidly changing and unfamiliar environment. So, here is a list of some of the things that you can do:

Put It In A Story

First, you need to understand that as the parent you have to manage the situation and create a narrative of what is happening. It is important to give a chance to understand and accept what is going on without giving too many details that might worry your child.

Be Positive

You will have a better experience yourself if your child is feeling as secure as possible and anticipating good things as outcomes. Do not over-share. Hold back on the details and minutia that could cause your child to worry and become anxious. Children worry more than we adults realize and we can help to minimize that worry by being honest but discrete in the information we give them about the upcoming move.

Make It An Adventure To Look Forward To

Help them to settle with a little bit of family exploration of the new environment. When the adults are positive and inclusive and make the effort to explain what is happening for the child. You can create anticipation and distract from the stress of the change and the sting of the loss of familiar surroundings. Research the local activities and attractions in the new area

Set Up A Strategy To Stay In Contact

Help them let go by keeping them in touch with friends and family they leave behind. These days this is easier because of the ubiquity of social media and smart phones. It still takes an effort to stay in touch but given modern capabilities and the potential for social media your children can stay in touch with old friends for a lifetime.

There are times when you have no choice but to pack up the kids along with all of your possessions and move house. The trauma involved can be amplified for the entire family if your child is experiencing anxiety about the move. Fortunately, if you apply forethought and some proactive parental planning it can make the move go a lot smoother.