Home Staging BasicsYou only get one shot, when you are selling a home, at making that first impression and get top dollar for it. When your home has a small living room, bedroom, and bathroom how do you make these spaces bigger and more attractive? Before listing your small home keep in mind that it’s going to be seen as a commodity on the market. You need to take steps to make it stand out from the crowd.

It needs to be spruced up to compete with other homes listed in your neighborhood. That’s when home staging helps! Many sellers believe that staging is the process of simply decluttering the home and getting rid of the extra trash, but there’s more to it.

The purpose of home staging is to make your home feel cozier, comfortable, colorful and inviting so here are some tips to get you started.

Staging The Living Room

Staging the living room of a small home is relatively easy owing to the fact that it is generally bigger than other spaces in a home. Pick a corner in the living room and set something in place that will scream attention such as a piece of art or even a lamp.

Ensure your window coverings are pulled back or better yet made of sheer material to let in more light. Well-lit rooms make spaces look bigger, and you can apply this same formula to other areas of the home.

Get rid of any unwanted furniture such as oversized sofas, especially if they’re blocking walkways, and scale the remaining furniture to fit the area. Home-staging experts recommend that you remove personal photos, and have no more than three small items on the coffee table

Enlarging Your Dining Room And Kitchen

If you have dining room furniture such as cabinets, make sure they are not stuffed to the brim. It is also a good idea to take all the leaves out of the dining table to make it as small as possible, then positioning the chairs accordingly. Don’t stress too much on setting the table, as that’s not what you’re trying to sell.

Remember your kitchen is the heart of the home and must not only be spotless, but updated to reflect modern décor. Consider getting rid of the coffee maker, and replacing it with simple decorations such as cookbooks. If your kitchen is appointed with wooden cabinets, clean them thoroughly with degreasers and apply lemon oil for a brand new look.

Home Staging The Bedrooms And Bathrooms

We all do it, place a TV in the bedrooms that is, and however comforting and convenient it may be, it’s doesn’t exemplify a romantic, relaxing and cozy feel. Furthermore, it takes up valuable space whether on a stand or on the wall. Just like the coffee table, keep minimal items on the bathroom counter and add some decorative candles, fresh flowers or even a colorful soap dish.

Bathroom curtains are a necessity for any bathroom, but it is important that they be pulled back to display the entire tub area. Speaking of bathroom curtains, make sure all other items of daily life are stored away such as clothes on chairs, laundry baskets and ironing boards.

These are just a few simple tips to make your small house seem bigger, and ultimately you just need to put its best face forward to ensure it stands out among the rest.