Off Market Real Estate TransactionsThere is a strong appeal to homeowners and buyers alike in handling real estate transactions off the market. It has a seductive quality that comes from the innate resentment of the high cost of realtor fees and fear of getting the short end of the stick in the deal.

Real Estate Is A Roller Coaster

There is the chance that you can buy a house that’s off the market but it still has the risks associated with any major legal and financial exchange. If you are determined to buy a home that is off the market you may find that, once you get into the formal process, your feelings flip and you suddenly have a strong desire to have a realtor on your side.

Real estate transactions culminate in high pressure when the documents are presented for signing. This cycle of emotional ups and downs is a well-travelled path. You will find that an experienced real estate professional knows just what to do to ease the way forward to a successful purchase.

The question is: Why would you subject yourself to this unaccompanied? Well, people do choose this route and follow through to closing. It does require that both the seller and buyer are comfortable when it is time to sign but that is possible.

Sometimes You Find Rare Gems Off The Market

Sometimes the one party hears of the other’s interest through the grapevine and somehow they just manage to connect. Or, given a strong motivation on the part of the seller, the buyer sees an opportunity to realize a sweet profit.

Regardless of the motivations these sorts of transactions do take place all of the time. Realtors, being aware of this, will often provide an opinion on reasonable market value. The most marketing minded pros might sometimes even offer resources such as signage that says “For Sale By Owner”.

That may not be an issue if you’re buying off the market as both parties may be acquainted before professionals get involved. It also might be that the buyer has a very specific requirement that is a rare find in the local market. In that case the buyer is the motivated party.

Putting Together The Package

In all cases it is vital to get some level of professional advice, either from a realtor or a real estate attorney. Real estate sales are contractual, which really means that any agreement that satisfies both parties is ultimately do-able. The secret is to find that agreement and follow through with the complex and legalistic formal process of transferring ownership and payment without hitting any roadblocks.

There are risks that include the hazards of buyer’s remorse on discovery that an agent would have made the process go more smoothly or gotten a price that would have more than justified their fees.

Having stated all of that, and as an exception to the rule, homes are exchanged regularly, and to the satisfaction of the participants in this way. It is just that the process of buying off the market needs to be approached with abundance of caution and as much professional guidance as the parties are willing to tolerate.