Curb Appeal TipsGlass balustrading not only improves the curb appeal of your home, but offers the perfect solution to making your pool or balcony safe for everybody, young children included. Domestic pools have been the cause of many tragedies in the past, and railed balconies have frequently offered too small a challenge to youngsters with a desire to climb.

Naturally, there are regulations now that have been designed to prevent such accidents.  However, you can make extra sure by installing glass balustrading. The glass itself meets all national and international safety regulations. It will not break even if a large adult falls against it.

Glass Balustrading and Curb Appeal

You can increase the value of your home by installing glass balustrades with top or side fixings. If you live by the ocean, they offer an uninterrupted view, unlike normal metal railings. However, what is more important when you come to sell your home, they also improve curb appeal.  A beautiful expanse of shimmering clear or pale blue glass looks great from the curb or sidewalk. It certainly looks better than lengths of ugly metal railings.

You can also install glass balustrading around your pool area. Long sheets can be fixed top and bottom, or even just with bottom fixings, to prevent young children climbing over. Doors are fixed to open outwards only, and automatically close with the latches at a high level.

Your view of the pool is uninterrupted, either from upper level windows or from your patio area. You can easily see what’s going on while maintaining a safe barrier between the pool and the rest of the yard.

Using Glass Balustrades to Create Space

Many people use glass balustrades indoors – not just for indoor pools. They are useful for showers, to provide the sensation of space, rather than boxing yourself into an enclosed cabinet. You can make a room look significantly larger by removing a staircase wall and replacing it with glass balustrading fitted with a top banister.

It should be stressed again that all the glass used in such barriers is certified safety glass.  It does not break under normal domestic conditions. In the unlikely event of a break, it shatters into small pebbles like a car windshield and does not create dangerous shards of glass.

Such safety barriers are finding increasing use as a means of increasing the value of a home, improving its outlook and appearance from the curb and for increasing its apparent interior size. Glass balustrading not only significantly improves curb appeal, but can also improve your selling price!