Home Selling TipsSo Here We Go Again

The comprehensive list of why potential homebuyers walk away from viewings unimpressed and determined to buy elsewhere is long and complicated. When you are seeking to sell your home it is surprising how much influence you can have on the buying decision with relatively minor effort. So here are five more things to avoid when it comes time to show your home to

Deceptive Listings Are Hazardous To Your Wealth

If you try to show your home in too good a light or make too much of a minor feature you are setting yourself up for disappointment or worse. Doing things cutting out the telephone company’s concrete bunker next door or stretching to get that glimpse of a scenic view you cannot otherwise see without a safety harness in your listing picture will be extremely obvious when the viewing appointment comes around.

Laundry And Clutter

Speaking of deceptive listings, clutter has been written about before here and will be written about again, no doubt. Really, any kind of clutter or untidiness will be a huge turnoff. This is a concept that does not suffer from frequent repetition. You must be as tidy as you have ever been in your life when you are listing your home and showing it to potential buyers. This includes laundry whether it is dirty clothes spilling out of the hamper or neatly stacked clean towels; just don’t!

Your Wallpaper Is Awful – It Just Is

Some homeowners enjoy patterned and textured paper on the walls of their homes. Somehow, this does not translate to homebuyers. When touring an unfamiliar home in an exploration of possible purchase buyers universally despise wallpaper. Your best option is to strip the paper and paint a neutral beige sort of color, before you start showing your home to buyers.

Helicopter Sellers – No Badge Or Spotlight Required

There is little more awkward and less inviting than a sell that insists upon hovering over the potential homebuyer as they tour your home. When you are looking over their shoulders, they are feeling defensive and a little suspicious that you have something to hide. Your realtor probably will not be thrilled with it either; most agents prefer that you not be in your home when people view it.

That being said, agents do realize that it is not always practical to ask you to be out when the buyers are in. If you must be there, have anything you might worry about losing secured, take a deep breath and step back and play the gracious but aloof host that does is not hover like over your guests.

Overpricing Yourself Out Of The Market

Overpricing is the best way to first ensure that no one views your home or, if they do, homebuyers breeze through and don’t make an offer. If you the right market value then you will begin to get requests to view your home almost as soon as it is listed. If you receive offers that is a confirmation of the price. If you are slightly high you may get viewings but no offers and if you are way over… just imagine crickets chirping and you get the idea.

Finding the right market value is best left to a professional and your listing agent will provide a detailed market analysis based on recent sales in your area. If you have carefully chosen your agent and they are experienced in your type of home they will generally be able to hit the mark every time. When you are too insistent on a higher price your home will probably just sit on the market without sale until you come around.