Kitchen Remodeling TipsDIY kitchen remodeling need not be expensive if you know what you are doing. Fundamentally, remodel or renovate what you can see and clean up what you can’t. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do, and even more amazing what you can do with new doors if you want to go that far. Here are some tips and ideas for remodeling your kitchen on a budget.

First decide on a color scheme. Kitchen remodeling is best carried out as part of a complete makeover for your kitchen. Before purchasing anything, decide on a color scheme for your kitchen as a whole: ceiling, walls and cabinets. Many like to have contrasting colors for their cabinet and doors, but choose what you personally prefer.

We are not discussing the ceiling, walls or lighting here, and you can easily renovate your cabinets without touching the rest of the room. You should consider whether or not renew your worktops: this can be expensive depending on the material, although you are still saving a great deal on the cost of new cabinets.

DIY kitchen remodeling starts with cleaning! Kitchens can be greasy, oily places, and it is important that you remove all the grease and oil from your cabinets. Give them a thorough clean, and then sand them down. Remove the doors and hardware, and make sure everything is thoroughly clean and sanded to give a good key for the primer and paint. Here are some options:

1. Painting the Doors and Cabinets

If the doors and cabinets are OK then you can repaint them after a quick sanding and primer coat. You can use a brush, but it is possible to get rollers designed to give a smooth surface. If you prefer a wood stain for the cabinets and/or doors, then that can also be done, although make sure you strip off all the old paint. Darker stains such as dark oak and cherry are best for DIY kitchen remodeling.

2. Using New Doors

Using new doors is the best way to renovate kitchen cabinets. You can then stain or paint these to make your entire kitchen look like new. It would also save you a lot of time in stripping and sanding, though you still need to do that with the cabinets.

However, many times the only parts of the cabinets you see are one or two ends and the edges by the doors. Eyes will be drawn to your new doors, and the cabinets will be largely unseen. Keep in mind that new doors might also mean new drawer fronts to match, though it may be possible to finish them all in the same way.

You can remove the doors from top wall cabinets and repaint the insides for a different look – you also save the cost of renovating the doors. Alternatively, replace them with new glazed or louvered doors.

3. New Countertops

You can either refinish existing countertops or buy new. New is best. The finish is more professional and if you wait for a sale or discount they are less expensive than you might expect. Because they will generally be cut to the exact size for you, new countertops are ideal for DIY kitchen remodeling.

4. New Hardware

New door and drawer handles and self-closing hinges will finish the new look for your cabinets. You can also get hinges that open with a push so you do not need any handles. While you are changing the cabinet hardware, also upgrade your kitchen lighting, and fit modern light switches. There is a large range of lighting options available for modern kitchens that add the finish touch to your renovation.

5. Renovating Appliances

If your appliances, such as a freezer or washer, are looking a bit tired, they too can be painted. You can fix corkboard or chalkboard to a freezer or fridge using magnets to provide a handy surface for messages and lists. Car spray paint is good for painting appliances after a good wash down, or have your local garage or body shop do it for you.

Final DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Finish off by treating yourself with new flooring. You can purchase stick-on tiles that look very professional when laid, and they are easy to lay yourself. However, one important tip is not to rush things. Some people want to do everything at once. Take your time, and work on one cabinet at a time. Then, if it doesn’t work you can start again until you get it right – then repeat with all the rest!

These are just some DIY kitchen remodeling and renovation ideas that are not difficult to carry out. They might even give you some fresh ideas of your own!