homeowners-association-basicsGetting Involved With Your Community Association

Have you ever wanted to get involved in your community and maybe even run for office locally? Well, if you live in a complex that has a homeowners association you might just be in luck! Joining the association board of directors is a great way to learn politics at the entry level.

The Importance Of Active Members

Alternatively, and more likely, it might be a matter of concern that you get involved and take control over your fate by joining in.

  • If you don’t get involved you don’t have the option of influencing the outcome of votes.
  • If you don’t get involved you effectively relinquish your right to control outcomes that affect your pocket book and quality of life.

So, there is that; it’s a matter of practical urgency for most condo board members.

Your homeowners’ association, co-op or condo association, if you have one where you live or in the home you want to purchase, has power over your life to the extent that they can set restrictive rules for your community and they can spend money and increase your HOA fees accordingly.

You do have some ability to respond and to do something about it and that is by getting involved. So the question is: where do you start? The management company operates your HOA on a daily basis but the power resides with the HOA board of directors.

Step 1: Go To Meetings

When you first move into an established community that includes an HOA or condominium association you may not be aware of the politics and the activities of the members. Take time to get to know HOA’s annual report in detail and the structure and the schedule of meetings.

It is always helpful to attend HOA meetings to get an idea of what is going on. From that initial involvement you can determine if you want to become involved further or if you have concerns about plans and future developments.

Step 2: Hatch A Clever Plan

Once you have learned the ropes, developed a feel for the culture of the organization and introduced yourself to the key players it becomes a waiting game. Prepare yourself for the next election and start politicking early.

You can make it fun and friendly but you will likely face entrenched competition. So be prepared to work through a couple of election cycles of lost elections before you win; this is definitely an ambition for the long term.