city-livingLearning How To Live The Urban Life

From Williamsburg in NYC to Queen Ann Hill In Seattle, from Santa Monica California to Collins Avenue in Miami there is a definite trend toward urban living that has emerged over the last decade or two. Although there are always issues of crowdedness and expense in city living some people are finding that they love the connection and freedom that it creates. Arguably it is the exact opposite of living in a gated community because of the direct and intimate contact that you have with masses of people on a daily basis.

Things have changed in the urban environment and there is a new movement toward city living. This is very much in evidence in the condominium and townhome projects popping up in urban areas across the country. This gives homeowners and potential homeowners more opportunities to buy into the urban lifestyle.

Sacrifices Brings Savings That Make It Worthwhile

Prepare to Downsize when you go urban. Prices go up the closer that you get to down town. But there are advantages to balance out the crowdedness. You have many choices for food, drink and entertainment.

Can you let go of your car? No seriously, if you have a modern downtown condo you might get one parking space in the garage at the bottom of the structure but very often parking is considered as an extra and you will pay a lot to have it.

New York City is notorious for the cost of parking and New Yorkers have been willing to go without as a basic part of the culture and that leads the way. You learn to use public transportation, taxis, walking greater distances and now online services such as Uber and Lyft. Being able to call on a car and driver via your mobile device is rapidly becoming a standard part of the urban lifestyle across the country.

Getting Around Alone In The Crowd

Cities are also embracing alternative transportation such as bicycling and creating lanes and traffic controls that support it. Light rail and trolley cars are enjoying a renascence, putting neighborhoods in easy reach of all of the amenities that support urban living in the cities they serve. Finally, delivery services will bring nearly anything imaginable directly to your door.

Urban living encourages interaction as much as being alone in the crowd. Thanks to the iniquitousness of mobile devices and social media you can easily find some group or club that shares your interests and passions.

So, city living definitely has something going for it. But what is available? There are loft conversions that pop up as industrial districts become gentrified and condominium projects that stack modern luxury up to the sky. Houses, if they are available at all, tend to be extremely expensive.

Moving Up To The Urban Lifestyle

There is not much different in the house hunting process when you are seeking an urban abode. The differences lie in the character of the community and the scale. There is a growing sector in real estate that serves urban living and you should speak with an urban realtor or broker who specialize in the city of which you wish become a resident.

Adopting the urban lifestyle is a new and exciting frontier that has become a popular lifestyle choice for homebuyers. If you think you would enjoy the adventure and can tolerate the pressures of city living you should take a look at moving into an urban home.