realtor-teamThe Obvious Answers In Character

You have decided to buy a home, possibly selling the one you already have, you have your finances in order, now what do you do? One of the biggest decisions in the process of moving is going to be choosing the real estate agent that you work with.

This is the property sales professional who will represent you at critical phases in the process and attempt to negotiate the best price and terms in the deal. It is going to require that you make a personal choice. Even though it will be a business endeavor you will be working with one agent who is supposed to understand you and fight passionately for your interests.

The Business Attracts Professionals With Interpersonal Skills

There are many outstanding real estate professionals that would fit the general characteristics to do the job but you will always get the best outcome when you find the one with whom you make a personal connection.

The best place to begin the search is with trusted friends and family members who have recently bought or sold real estate. Look to real estate websites and social media as well to determine who has had the best experience working with an agent and which agent that was.

There are the general, big picture characteristics that you are going to want in your agent. Honesty is paramount of course; they should have exhibited integrity and demonstrated experience that includes local market knowledge. All of this should be documented in testimonials and the verbal referrals from friends and family.

Making Deals And Closing Them

Making deals comes down to hustle at the end of the day. Anyone can become probably become a success in real estate if they are determined and they apply enough energy. It may be a lot of energy for some and less for others but it is the hustle that goes into making a successful career in a field as dynamic as real estate.

With hustle come results and those results help to create a reputation. In addition to this you will find that realtors will often specialize. As they mature property professionals learn more about their own personal strengths and weaknesses. As they do they become more valuable to the clients that need the skills at which they excel.

An In All Things A Balance

There has to be a balance between your drive and hustle, and their long-term involvement in the local real estate market, specialization and how well their personalities align with your own. You will have to rely at least in part on your own personal ability to judge the right realtor for your needs. Try to leverage this with as much third-party information that you can gather from your personal network, industry websites and social media sites such as

One final tip: The National Association of Realtors has a website with a vast library of resources.   At you can read about choosing a realtor and search through their listings. Most realtors will do a great job but you will get that extra edge from working with a realtor who understands you. When you have a high level of rapport in the relationship it kicks your project up to the next level of real estate success.