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Mortgage Rate Outlook for the Week of June 18, 2012

Last week saw mortgage rates improve considerably towards the end of last week, setting and then ending near all time lows, a story we’ve reported over and over again in the past weeks and months. Going into the weekend, the big event of the weekend was the Greek vote that took place on Sunday. Since […]

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Where are Mortgage Rates Now? June 15, 2012 Edition

Today saw mortgage rates move noticeably lower than yesterday and close near all time lows. This comes after a slight rise in rates yesterday that was triggered by continued talk of possible international steps that might be taken in order to stimulate international economies. Generally speaking, good news like this will put upward pressure on […]

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Mortgage Market Update for October 26, 2011

Greece, Greece, Greece The market is closely watching and waiting for a resolution to the Greek debt default drama playing out in Europe. This headache for the markets, in addition to the continued fears about the United States’ economic health, have played key roles in pushing US mortgages rates to historic record lows over the […]

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