One of the cornerstone properties of the Historic Highlands of Pasadena. This unique 1916 Prairie Craftsman home is 2,402 sq.ft. with an over 700 sq ft full basement. It is one of a handful of “Prairies” in Pasadena, a beautiful specimen, and more importantly, it is only the second time on the market since new!!The Historic Highlands area of Pasadena still has its own 4th of July Parade and multiple open Christmas parties. As the west side has that New York vibe, this area of Pasadena is decidedly mid-west. People still deliver apple pies and take care of one another; this is a premier neighborhood. The property has all the elegance and craftsmanship of the turn of the century with many of the required amenities of a modern household. 4 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms divided equally on two floors.

The home is a designer’s dream; clean lines and clean spaces. Leave as is and enjoy, or make the kitchen of your dreams on your time. Visualize yourself with a cappuccino in one of the many romantic areas, or walking to your home office in your favorite bathrobe and slippers. (There is an office space on the first floor.) If cappuccino isn’t your preferred drink, choose what you wish, it is your home, and your piece of Eden.


Frank Ferguson