Home Purchase BasicsBuying a home is definitely an emotional journey, one that is filled with choices and compromises, lows and highs. If you’ve gone through it, you should be well aware of the surprises, infatuation, horror and craziness. But if you haven’t gone through this route, you will definitely understand the point here once you do! So here are some postcards from the home buying journey starting from the home search right until moving day.

Starting Your Home Search

Sometimes when you walk into an open house, you may stop and wonder how some people have such weird taste. But while searching for a home, you need to keep in mind that some flaws are only minor and can be fixed such as shag carpets and peeling wallpaper. So it is best not to lose hope and remember that the peeling paint is your best friend.

Finding The Neighborhood You Desire

When you buy a home, you are indirectly committing to living in that neighborhood as well. So you not only need to ensure that the home is in tip top shape, but if the neighborhood lives up to your expectations as well. For example, if you have kids, you may want to ensure that there are good schools in the neighborhood, and regardless of whether you live with a family or alone, you will want check out the crime rates as well.

Needs Versus Wants – Let Your Budget Speak

A pool and four fireplaces may be something you always desired, but as your budget dictates, money for these items tends to draw the line. So it’s time to get creative, think ahead and be clear on priorities, because kids might start small, but often come with a lot of expenses as they grow.

Inspections Appraisals And Closing Costs

You’ve been working around the clock for the past few months just to save up for a healthy down payment, and you’ve even secured your mortgage, but don’t forget about those closing costs. Closing costs can be expensive so it is best to add them to your budget when shopping for a house.

Sealing The Deal And Making The Offer

The most nerve wracking moment would have to be taking the plunge and making an offer, which is probably also one of the most exciting and biggest financial decisions you can make in your lifetime. Then you just have to wait for approval from the seller and once you get the green light, you’re no longer a home seeker but a home owner!

Moving Day

When you move into your new home, you may notice the lights flickering, paint peeling and even some beeping noises, but if you want to make the house your own home, you will have to fix these issues in order to put your own stamp on the house.